Common Forms of Car Breakdowns During Summer

Cars and severe heat just do not mix. Summer weather can cause many car breakdowns that can leave people stranded in the middle of nowhere. A couple of the problems that can easily immobilize your car are dead batteries, overheating, blown tires, and engine surge.  

Here are some of the common forms of car breakdowns that occur most during the summer. Make sure you always have the number of a reliable towing service Charlotte to avoid further issues. 

Blowout or Flat Tires 

One of the most popular causes of delays in road trips is a flat tire. Oftentimes, these are a result of wear and tear and over-inflation in the summer season. Though newer vehicles have tracking devices in place to check the tire pressure, older vehicles do not have these devices to monitor the problem. Luckily, almost every service station has a gauge on the air pump. Thus, you can always examine the pressure of your tires to avoid inflating it too much.  

No Start 

Oftentimes, car batteries do not show signs of failure early on. They typically die at the most inconvenient time. The summer season provides the worst conditions for your battery. Luckily, if you follow a couple of tips, you can avoid almost every battery problem.  

It’s suggested that you ensure that your vehicle has every plastic piece that surrounds the battery. They work to keep the battery of your car cool and redirect air throughout to improve its lifespan. Starting the vehicle is the primary job of the battery. The alternator or generator will work harder to charge if the battery fails. This will result in a generator breakdown. Thus, it is best to take care of the battery problems as soon as possible.  

Evaporative Leak 

The pressure inside the gas tank can increase because of the rising temperature in the summer months. To avoid the gas tank from deforming, you need to vent out this pressure. The discharges caused by the volatility of the fuel are vented into the vehicle’s charcoal canister. This stores and absorbs the vapor of fuel until you start the car’s engine. If your vehicle detects the leak, the check engine light will usually turn on. Also, there’s a chance that you’ve got a cracked hose if your vehicle is old. Essentially, this is a fuel leak.  

Engine Surge 

This problem can happen because of a lot of issues. This might result in driving issues or even car breakdowns. Cars are susceptible to problems with exhaust gas recirculation in summer months. Since this issue builds up in the intake manifold, it will cause car breakdown and blockages.  


A faulty cooling system or low fluid level is one of the most popular reasons for car overheat. The cooling system of your vehicle has to work more to avoid overheating the engine during the summer season. It’s suggested that you examine the fluid of your car to avoid car breakdown due to overheating. This includes engine coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, washer fluid, and engine oil. 

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Why Non-Biodegradable Materials Should Be Disposed of Properly  

Why Non-Biodegradable Materials Should Be Disposed of Properly  

There are things that break down naturally over time and these are called biodegradable materials. Good examples are food scraps and paper. Most of the biodegradable items are made from plants and animals, which is why they degrade over time. There are also some artificial materials that mimic the action of these organic substances and they too, are considered biodegradable materials.  


But when the environment, namely the sunlight, air, water, and soil can’t break down waste, then it is considered as non-biodegradable. These products create a long-lasting effect on the environment, which is why they are considered hazardous. 

Learning More about the Lifespan of Materials 

All materials follow a certain lifespan. Simply because an item is considered biodegradable, it doesn’t mean that it will break down quickly. Every item differs in their rate of decomposition. For example, a banana peel will degrade in two months. But for a notebook paper, three months are needed to achieve the same effect. Other biodegradable substances that are considerably harder would take much longer to break down.  

A good example is soda cans. These cans, although biodegradable, may take up to 350 years to decompose. The plastic rings that hold a six-pack together may take up to 450 years to decay. On the other hand, Styrofoam products and glass bottles are never biodegraded. The danger that such condition poses to the environment is the fact that the products will simply pile up over time, thus requiring more land devoted to landfills to contain the said waste. 

How Rubbish Affect People 

Proper rubbish removal is an essential step in making sure that trash will not contaminate the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, or the food that we eat. Furthermore, it also helps address the following issues: 

  1. Ground Water Contamination 

When synthetic materials are exposed to air, light, and water for a long period of time, then it will emit toxic pollutants. Plastics are petroleum-based materials that contain toxins, such as Bisphenol A, which can leach into our water supplies, as well as in our food. Over time, it may become a carcinogen and may cause insulin resistance. The chemical is also known to interfere with conception. 

  1. Outgassing

Plastic pollutes the air in the same way that it taints water supplies. Constant exposure to the sun’s heat melts plastics, which will then force it to emit gases into the atmosphere. This is a process called outgassing. The same effect is achieved when plastic is burned. Burning plastics emits toxic fumes that are released into the atmosphere. This problem is also observed when plastic is exposed to humidity and heat.  

Because of these two most common effects of improper disposal of non-biodegradable materials, it’s clear to see that the use of plastics and similar items is hazardous to the environment. If the use of these materials can’t be totally prevented, it is at least important that proper rubbish removal is observed. Everybody should do their share in ensuring that their trash is disposed of properly. To help you with that, there are professional rubbish removal experts that can help.  

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