Having your own lawn can give you a lot of benefits and advantages. It can make the place or your garden even looking more attractive and nicer. Doing this could not be as easy as what you are thinking now. There are many ways and procedures that you have to follow and to do. Making this one is the same thing as you are making your own landscaping. Here are some few of the ways and methods to start with your own now.

  1. You could start with preparing for the area. Look for the spot where you wanted to set up your lawn area. After selecting for the best location. You can now ask help from others to start removing the grasses there and other weeds and plants growing there. You can use a solution to kill them or a tool to totally remove all of them. You can have a soil test as well to check the minerals and if it is suitable for planting and gardening. If the result is good, then you can water the soil and wait for at least one week before you can begin with your plan.
  2. The next thing you need to check on your list is the process of selecting the best grass or weeds or plants for your lawn. You can also use the seedlings but it would be harder to let them grow and sometimes it takes many months before they can germinate and even the percentage of growing them in that place would still be unstable.
  3. If you are now decided to which one of your grass selections you wanted to use, then you can properly install the new lawn grass. Properly place them in the ground so that it won’t be affected by any other things.
  4. You need to water them so that they will wet and ready to absorb new minerals and nutrients from the ground.
  5. You can put a sign and a mark to show and to let them to know that they should step on it. In this way, it can prevent the new lawn to be damaged.

In securing the lawn to grow perfectly and will maintain its good structure follow the rules below.

  1. Make sure that you always pour or sprinkle water to your new lawn. You have to check if the bottom can absorb the water deeply to get the proper nutrients from down there. You can give them water twice a day so that they will not be dehydrated from the very strong sunlight and hot weather during the day.
  2. You can put fertilizers, too so that it would literally grow ad be healthy. You can use the organic way or you can purchase one in the market.
  3. You can cut the growing grasses to maintain the size and it be neat to look at. You can use a machine to cut it or hire someone so that you won’t make any mistakes.