Oriental rugs are usually made of linen, wool, cotton, and other natural fibers. Manufacturers warns the companies that offer rug cleaning about subjecting oriental rugs for many hours to a vacuum cleaning. These rugs are brought through a press that looks like a printing press. The right way to clean them is much like cleaning a car through a drive-thru car wash. It also takes only a few minutes of operation.

That should give you a good idea as to how oriental rugs must be cleaned. Think of it like washing your clothes while you’re still wearing them. It’s best to hire an expert in cleaning oriental rugs to do an in-house inspection of your carpet and provide you with professional cleaning services. They may take the rug to their plant for cleaning. There, the rug will be cleaned using the right temperature and conditions from the washing to the drying process.

How are Oriental Rugs Cleaned?

The first step of the process is removing all dust and debris from the rug before subjecting it to compressed air. If needed, the rug will undergo dye treatment, and this is performed overnight. The rug will be soaked in warm and soapy water on the next day. If the rug uses non-synthetic fibers, then lower water levels is used.

The rug must remain in the soapy solution until the third day. Then, with the use of hot air, the water will be extracted from the rug and allowed to dry. When all work is done, even the fringe are all washed and there won’t be any stain on the carpet. The carpet will also be groomed and deodorized.

Why Do You Need the Rugs Cleaned?

If you have pets or kids at home, then your carpet will be unusually dirty faster than expected. You can only clean up so much mess, but there will still be a lot of nasty things left behind the carpet, and ammonium salts are just one of them. During winter, the salts may be crystallized, which is why you may not see or smell much of it. But when summer arrives, the salts will absorb moisture and emit a pungent smell.

The proper way of cleaning rugs and carpets is by using the right chemicals, soaps, and cleaning solutions. There’s the right cleaning solution for every fabric used for the carpet. If you have environmental sensitivities, ask professional carpet cleaning companies on the best way to clean the carpet without triggering any adverse reactions. There are cleaning products that are pH-neutral, as well as alkaline soaps and cleaners that can be used for carpets that are badly soiled.

The Best Way to Remove Stains

Of course, you want to scrub the carpets where there are visible stains. However, it is best that you hire the experts in carpet cleaning Alameda to help you with that. Professional carpet cleaning is necessary for up to four times a year, depending on how heavily trafficked the area is.

Not only does a good washing remove debris and stains from your carpet, but it also eliminates the other things that you cannot see. The carpets are like indoor sponges that contain toxins that may be harmful to your health, such as pollen, soil, fungus, and mildew.